HLE Glascoat Ltd is authorized to use "U" Stamp symbol of ASME.
We also manufacture equipment adhering to CE standards

1. How do I decide the size of the equipment?

Following factors govern the size of the equipment you choose:
  • Quantity of slurry per batch
  • And/Or Solid content in the slurry
  • Rate of filtration through the cake at different cake heights
  • Cake quantity at desired end level of moisture content
  • Balancing of your production chain

If you are unsure of the equipment size, we will gladly offer trial batches at our pilot plant to help you decide the right equipment size for your application.

2. How do I decide whether I should go for an Agitated Filter-Dryer?

In an ANF-D Heat transfer is available from the rotating shaft, jacket of the shell and the bottom plate. Drying is very fast and moisture content up to 0.1% is achievable. The choice of having a dedicated dryer fed by Agitated Filters or integrating them into Filter-Dryers will again depend on the balancing of your production chain. It will also depend on the drying heat load.

3. What are the economics of using an ANF-D?


    What is the operating cost of your machine viz-a-viz say, a centrifuge?

ANF-Ds generally prove to be economical due to the following:
  • ANF-Ds can integrate multiple process operations – Filtration, Washing, Removal of impurities, Crystallizing, Drying and Homogenizing
  • Recovery of solvent while drying
  • No fire Hazards
  • Control of effluent
  • No emission of hazardous fumes – Fumes can be directed to a scrubber
  • Filtered or Dried product  can be re-slurried (dissolved) and transferred under gas pressure or pumped – Manual transfer is avoided
  • Can replace more than one equipment or vessels in a production chain.
  • An overall reduction in manpower

4. What is the life of your machines?

Discounting corrosion, the life of the mechanical components of our machines is in excess of 15 years.

5. What features can be included in my machine to make my process versatile?

The optional features we offer are:
  • Quick release bottom
  • Automation Package
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Slurry transfer facility
  • Lump Breaker
  • Glove-boxes / Isolators
  • Metal to metal sealing discharge valves
  • Tilting mechanism for Reaction, Filtration and drying all in the same vessel
  • Cleaning/Sterilization in place
  • Polymer lining or coating
  • Complete drying systems which include condenser, receiver etc.

  • We work closely with our customers to device features that will make their process more versatile.