HLE Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to use "U" Stamp symbol of ASME.
We also manufacture equipment adhering to CE standards

Company Information
Name Fax
Phone Email
Address Pin Code
Contact Person    

Product Details
Chemical Name    
Commercial Name    
Property Hazardous Toxic Odour
  Flammable Any Other  
Type Inorganic Organic Effluent

Feed Material Wet Cake Slurry  
Batch Volume Ltr. Name of Free Acid/Alkali
Density Kg./Ltr. Free Acid/Alkali Content %W/W
pH of Slurry / Wet Cake
Is Feed Toxic Flammable
If Slurry, Solids Content % w/v Nature of wet cake
Crystalline Slimy Amorphous
Water of Crystallization % w/w Product's Melting Point
If wet cake, Moisture % w/w Solvent used (if any)
% w/w  
Solvent Used (if any) Kg./Ltr. (Derived from present system)

Effluent Sludge
Quantity Generated / Day Kg. Present Storage System
Moisture Content % w/w Auto Ignition Temp   0C
Solids Property Toxic
Gaseous Emission Yes
  Volatile   No

Present Drying System

Open Tray Dryer

Heating Medium
No. of Trays  
Hot Air Hot Water Steam
Electric Hot Oil  
    Drying Temp.
0C Time Cycle
Double cone Vaccum Dryer
Ltr. Cap-Dry
Heating Medium
kg. Dry-Temp
Hot Air Hot Water Hot Oil
0C Time Cycle
Agglomeration upon Drying Yes No Type of Grinder/Crusher
Present Drying Fast Moderate
Handling Loss Kg. Batch    



Sterile Nonsterile  
Drying Type Non Flame Proof Flame Proof
Desired Material of Construction C.S SS316 SS304
  Hastalloy Alloy-20 Others
Jacketing Yes No
Limpeting Yes No
Do you recycle Condensate Yes No
Desired Filter Media for Dust Collector Filter Cloth Wire Cloth Porous Tiles
Particle Size and Mesh Size  Micron

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