HLE Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to use "U" Stamp symbol of ASME.
We also manufacture equipment adhering to CE standards

1. How do I decide the size of my machine?

In standard applications, 60% of the dryer volume can be used for the initial charge. However, if the volume of the product does not increase upon drying and the installed power permits, this charge can be increased.

How do I decide whether an RVPD can be used for my product?

This is a very economical indirect heat transfer dryer. Generally all wet cakes can be dried.
We also offer trial batches in our pilot plant to help you determine the appropriateness of this equipment for your product.

3. What are the economics of using an RVPD?

This is a very cost effective dryer, with drying costs lower than most conventional dryers. It uses heat directly form the heating medium to dry the product. There is no loss of heat in a carrier gas such as air or nitrogen and no loss of solvents in the carrier gas as in other dryers such as Fluidised bed dryers, spray dryers or flash dryers.

4. What is the life of your machines?

Discounting corrosion, the life of the mechanical components of our machines exceeds 15 years.

5. What features can you include in my machine to make my process versatile?

We offer the following optional features:

a. Lump breaker or beater
b. Continuous drying
c. Variable speed drive

We may also offer other custom solutions based on your specific drying needs.